EARTH SPIRIT available online



Our environmental video trilogy PROPHECY&POLLUTION
has published for free viewing on YouTube:

EARTH SPIRIT, winner of the Neptune Award at the MoonDance International Film Festival, a film docudrama supporting resistance by indigenous peoples against exploitation and pollution by oil and mining, is now available online:t

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A Los Angeles teenager with Native American ancestry, who is sunk in urban delinquency and dissipation, is drawn back to the desert land where he was born and raised. An unseen force possesses him and causes his entire being to focus on the Earth underneath his feet where his people have lived for centuries, but which is now threatened with toxic oil and mining exploitation.

The young man stops his father from armed resistance. His uncle shows the way of nonviolent resistance, offering his life. That example leads their people to seize the chance for victory.

From EARTH SPIRIT grew the educational video PROPHECY&POLLUTION.

Our educational film PROPHECY&POLLUTION has been honored

at the 2014 International Film Festival of Health, Environment, and Cultlure.

Available for download or DVD,

PROPHECY&POLLUTION educational expose’ of exploitation history:



About alangorg

Alan Gorg, (B.S. 1952 and M.F.A. 1970, U.C.L.A.), teacher/writer/producer/director/actor, has written and produced documentary films for the University of California and PBS, and founded theater groups in Hawaii and California.. Media Associates published his two autobiographical novellas THE SIXTIES and THE SEVENTIES. His short films FELICIA, THE SAVAGES, FREE GROWTH, and AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A HOPI were honored at the American, Columbus, and Mercer Film Festivals, the National Short Film Competition, and the Los Angeles International Film Exhibition (FilmEx). In 1980 he produced a weekly video magazine THE OAHU GAZETTE for PBS station KHET-TV in Honolulu and the short film 1NSIDE STATE PRISON, which was also honored at FilmEx. Most of these shorts are available on under Alan Gorg. He and wife Gwyn wrote and produced the feature film LIVING THE BLUES (1986) with legendary guitarist and vocalist Sam Taylor, winning a Filmtrax Award at the Ghent International Film Festival and a Best Feature nomination at the American Film Institute Video Awards. It is currently distributed by The inter-racial romance pictured in LIVING THE BLUES has been subjected to racist critic reviews. Their educational docudrama TECHQUA IKACHI: ABORIGINAL WARNING (2007). has been an official selection at the Columbus, Dreamspeakers, New Beijing, GreenReel Environmental, and Mumbai International Film Festivals and won a Neptune Award at the Moondance International Film Festival. To be offered by See also study materials at In July PublishAmerica announced the publication of the Young Adult novel LOOKING FOR THE REAL THING by Alan Gorg, the story of a Los Angeles. high school senior seeking a simpler future away from angry kids, stressed adults, monstrous schools, everyday violence, massive traffic, choking smog, sickening pollution—seeking a little peace, a little quiet, some connection with nature.
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